Problem Space:
I am working with an in-house desktop app called UDT. UDT is a winform app written in .Net 2.0. The calls to GIS:SOAP web services are wrapped in AIL libraries which are included in the application as DLLs. When I point LoadRunner at this application for recording purposes, there are no WSDL files exposed to me. So my recorded script ends up being a series of "soap_request" statements.

There is a point in the test case where I need to wait for an event to be sent to me from the GIS server. I see a function called "web_service_wait_for_event", but this function seems to depend on events that are created in previous calls to "web_service_call".

My question: is there any way I can use these functions, or manually create them, even though I am down at the lower soap_request level?

Unfortunaltely - 100% of my LoadRunner experience up to this point has dealt with very straight-forward Web/HTTP protocol tests.

Thanks for your time,
- Mike

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1. What version of LoadRunner (LR) or PerformanceCenter (PC) are you using?
LoadRunner 8.1 FP 4

2. What is the protocol you are recording?
(Web Services Protocol)

2.1 If .NET, which version of .NET does the app require?

2.2 If .NET, which version of .NET do you have installed?

3. If HTML - are you using HTML-Advanced with URLs or,

4. If URL mode:
- Concurrent groups, or
- Without Concurrent groups?

5. Which LoadRunner/PerformanceCenter feature (FPs) or service packs are you using?
(FP 4 is installed)

6. VuGen Recording - are you using Old or New Recording Engine?
(no idea)

7. What kind of LoadRunner license do you have -
- Subscription,
- Perpetual,
- Permanent/Unlimited
- Virtual User days, or
- Evaluation?
(choose the one that fits your license model - (Web & Multimedia - Permanent License; SOA - 30 day Temp License))

8. If subscription, is subscription current or expired?
(My SOA expires on March 6th - clock is ticking... [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] )

9. What platform(s) (PCs) and Operating Systems (Windows-XP, etc.)? Include version and service packs (SP1 or 2, etc.)
(VUGen - Windows XP Pro SP2; Controller - Windows Server 2003 SP1)

10. If you have filed a service request with HP/Mercury, what have they told you at this point with respect to your issue?
(I filed a case 6 days ago - so far they have only asked for code and execution logs - standard response - shame on me for not including it originally)

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