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Thread: Tuxedo Mointor

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    Tuxedo Mointor

    I am nt able to add the tuexdo mointo . I was able to add the IP address and machine name , after it is asking for
    Login name : , password , server name and client name

    i cannot get these details Login name : , password , server name and client name .let me know were to get the above details . since client does nt provide details .

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    Re: Tuxedo Mointor

    Which tool are you using?

    BTW, if client does not provide Login name,password and server name, what do you think, who else can provide this details?

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    Re: Tuxedo Mointor

    Talk to your environment support team for the same.By the way let us know the tool which you are using.

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    Re: Tuxedo Mointor

    i am using LR 7.8

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    Re: Tuxedo Mointor

    i am using weblogic 8.1 and tuxedo is part connect to it , do we have any options to find the user name , password , server name , login name .

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    Re: Tuxedo Mointor

    LR 7.8 is long back out of support and we suggest you to upgrade to latest version.Also Please follow the posting guidelines for further help.Please note that details you are asking comes only from Client,Application Support,Application Maintainance,and Ebnvironment Team.In short from your management only.There is no other way to get these details.



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