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    window or object not displayed error...


    Iam doing performance testing for Oracle 11i using ORACLE NCA protocol.My scripts are running fine when runned in VuGen.But,when I am running in the controller,I am getting the window not displayed error.And this is not happening for the 1st iteration,but from 2nd iteration onwards.
    I set the think time as 20 seconds which is quite a big time.

    Following is the log

    Notify: Transaction "Find_Transaction" started.
    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(6): lr_think_time: 10.00 seconds.
    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(8): Client successfully terminated
    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(8): nca_button_press("AST_FIND_NEW_FIND_0")
    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(10): lr_think_time: 20.00 seconds.
    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(12): nca_set_window("NSTAR Universal Search")
    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(14): lr_think_time: 20.00 seconds.
    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(16): nca_get_top_window:

    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(22): Error: nca_edit_set("SEARCH_CTL_ACCT_NUMBER_0","125143600 10") failed, Window or object is not displayed.
    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(22): Continuing after error in Vuser script.
    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(24): lr_think_time: 5.00 seconds.
    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(30): Error: nca_button_press("SEARCH_CTL_SEARCH_0") failed, Window or object is not displayed.
    Account_Lookup_Turn_On.c(30): Continuing after error in Vuser script.

    Note:-It is showing null value when I used the nca_get_top_window function.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: window or object not displayed error...

    Are you using think time to wait for the window to be displayed?
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    Re: window or object not displayed error...

    Please read entirely our ** POSTING INSTRUCTIONS ** and follow them precisely.

    Thank you!

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    Can any 1 suggest how to resolve above mentioned issue? I'm also facing same issue.
    @jpensyl:-- What do you mean by --"Please read entirely our *** POSTING INSTRUCTIONS*** "? Could you plz elaborate?



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