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    VUgen gen recording

    While doing recording, in VUgen. Application goes up to certain pages and then it signs out. But same steps go smoothly when we are not doing recording and we do manuals testing. This is creating lots of problem and making impact on our project schedule.

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    Re: VUgen gen recording

    Please provide more information. Which protocol are you recording in? (web, database, siebel, sockets?)
    What do you mean by "signs out"? (the browser crashes? the user's session is lost? the application exits?). What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far? If it is a crash, do you have any clues left in windows error logs?

    If you believe this to be a Mercury problem, you should contact them for a login to their FTP where you can obtain the latest patches. Install all 3 "feature packs" in the correct order and try again.

    Finally, there is a Loadrunner forum, this question would be better asked in there.



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