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    LoadRunner with SAP

    Hello All,
    I am doing LoadTesting on a SAP application by LoadRunner.
    Can you pls tell me what are all the settings required for it. Because I am facing a problem while recording for LR.
    I am selecting SAPGUI as a protocol type.
    After login when it enters into SAP, it gives me error as "The scripting interface is disabled on SAP server.No action can be recorded on this connection" And no action gets recorded.

    Can you pls help me to solve the problem.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: LoadRunner with SAP


    please go to Mercury's support site to download a knowledge base document about what you need to do on client and back-end server to enable SAPGUI protocol recording. The document number is 24083.

    The same but less in detail can be found in VuGen's manual.

    To enable SAPGUI protocol recording one of the things that needs to be done is to enable scripting in the SAP Kernel (back-end). This needs to be done by the SAP Basis people.


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    Re: LoadRunner with SAP


    I'm running into the same issue as Vishal, but can't seem to find document 24083 in the Mercury Support knowledge base. Can you give me some more information please...its quite ****** for a project.


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    Re: LoadRunner with SAP

    Just checked and its document #24082, not 24083. Thanks!



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