Hi All,

I have one confusion

Case 1 :
I have one script and there is one variable "TN" and I parameterize it for 3000 values here i have choosen "Update value in each Iteration" and 1000 values for each Vuser and runtime setting is set for one Iteration.

Then in controller I choosen run for 08:00 hrs (Not choosen Run until completion) and VUsers are 3.

when i run test I found that test is run successfully and values inserted into DB has unique values for each TN variable.

Please check attachment for Parameter values which i put
Now my question is Why unique values are gone into DB and because I have choosen Update values in each iteration So that means because I have choosen test to run for 8 hrs there is no meaning of number of Iteration.

Case 2 :- In case 1 If I choose Run Until completion and modify number of Iteration as 1000 so how it is different from case 1 ? whether I will get different transaction response time because I think it is ultimately different way of running the same test.

Please let me know If anybody wants to know more about these things.