My personal opinion is that this forum is great. I like it for strategy purposes. You're only as good as the reps and different experiences you've gathered from working on actual projects. For new people, even as a veteran you can still pick up better strategy and approach. I look for better ways all the time.
A lot of times projects these days have testers doing so many different aspects of testing as oppose to just performance testing that you can get rusty at times without the repititions. That's where reading on a forum like this is helpful among other things.
If you're at ground zero and just starting, just keep reading and working with the tool and you'll get better. If your mgmt wants better tool usage and results, have them get you more training or spend more money on consultants you can learn from. It's no easy way to the finish line. They have to understand that along with spending money on the tool they have to spend money on knowledge base also or they get no "ROI".
I agree with the post about protecting the value of this craft.
Well written.