I was using NFuse to connect to me to the Citrix server, but I've had to drop that and go straight to connecting my self to the server.

Problem: If I use the ICA file to do it manually with ctrx_set_connect_opt, then I will need a separate ICA file for every virtual user, since the login info is done with it.

But by using the ICA file, it requests that I be put into 1024x768 video mode.

So the question is, if I use ctrx_set_connect_opt, and ctrx_connect_server How can I tell it to use that video mode.

I've tried just putting the video mode size in the ICA file and doing ctrx_connect_server, but that doesn't work, because I think with LR you have to choose one or the other.

Is the only way to tell it to use that video mode is to login with every account I will be using and manually setting Windows display settings to 1024x768?

Seems like set_connect_opt should have a variable to allow you to do more things, like setting the video size. When you record you can tell it the size, but on playback it doesn't use that value.