I am trying to record web/winsock dual protocol script for a game-like application that runs partly on Websphere [all data on Web protocol] and partly on a Fortress Server [all Data in XML-Object protocol - recorded as winsock stuff]

However, I have noticed a strange behaviour with LR Web/Winsock dual protocol that sometimes it misses trapping all the winsock related activies resulting in an empty data.ws file, however at other times with exactly same recording options, the recording works fine. When I tried to find the root cause through Recording Log, I realised that sometimes it misses the socket(), connect() and send() sequence. Instead after a socket() call there’s a bind() and finally closesocket(). In the second sequence (one with bind), no winsock related activities are recorded.

So, it appears to me that during connect() – there must be peculiar internal behaviour leading to this activity. However, I am not able to find what data-exchange actually happens at socket(), connect(), etc calls. Do you know how this can be enabled (similar to extended log for run-time). Apart from this, is there any resource in LR manual or internet where it specifies how exactly LR determines if winsock data-transfer exists at certain point or not.

Any help would be of great assistance!