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    Importing external data into analysis - Automize it


    I am making lots of use of external monitoring logging to a custom format. I can succesfully import the data into the LR analysis tool, but it's keeping me away from my real work because it needs manual interaction.

    Is there a way to automate the process of importing external data into an analysis session?- I need to import about 30 files into my analysis session where one file seems to take about 10 minutes (where each file is around 200K of data).

    A different question - same aim:

    Is there an API to write custom monitors for integration to LoadRunner? (Apart from SiteScope which costs extra money).

    Any help appreciated.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Importing external data into analysis - Automize it

    Are you using the built-in LR monitors? Using them may solve part of the first problem.

    API? I'm not aware of any specific ones. I don't believe it a major challenge though. I think you are dealing with rsh, ssh, telnet, etc. I would think a bat or shell command file would get you where you need to go. Have you used the trial ver of SS? Within the install directories are .config files that contain remote commands for the various O/Ss and flavors. You could use these for examples.

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    Re: Importing external data into analysis - Automize it

    Yes, a monitoring API does exist. You have to go to Mercury to get it and participate in their integrator program. They will likely direct you to construct a Sitescope monitor, since that is Mercury's strategic direction for monitoring.

    Historically one has been able to run a single virtual user of any type in the controller without regard to license. The reason I use the term "historically" is that I have never seen anything in the license that allows for this, only that it works. I guess the theory being that a single user likely cannot produce meaningful load. What I am getting at is that you may be able to use a telnet or sockets virtual user to interrogate your host for the statistics you need on an ongoing basis and then use the datapoint API to create the items needed for your analysis and have them collected at Runtime. Keep in mind, since this "feature" appears to be undocumented and is supported within the license on a questionable basis, Mercury could just turn this defaulted feture off whenever they wish. Or Mercury could just say, not within license. (Not trying to lead you down the primrose path here)

    It is the datapoint API that the traditional LR monitors make use of: The monitors are really just specialized virtual user types.

    A more dramatic import process would have you push the data directly into the Microsoft Access Analysis file using your own tools. Doable? Yes. Tedious? Yes. Would take a good amount of time upfront, but what you would have as a result would be a utility that could push in the data at a much higher rate than the traditional analysis interface.

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    Re: Importing external data into analysis - Automize it

    It seems like the fact that you were able to run one virtual user of any type is history. I have tried to do so and LoadRunner Controller told me that I don't have a license (I was using a Java virtual user though).

    If I had been able to do so, I would have been able to completely replace the WebLogic JMX monitor for instance. I have a complete JMX monitor for WebLogic as a vuser ready sitting in my scripts directory, but I can't use it since I don't have a Java virtual user license.

    If anyone's interested in it anyway, just contact me.

    For the second suggestion, importing it into MS Access, I would need more insight of the data scheme LR uses. You have further pointers for me to read?




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