I'm currently testing an Oracle Forms app (2 tier oracle not NCA protocol), and some of the calls Loadrunner makes are PL/SQL functions such as :-

function.create_contact('EWAR',621,19466,90,contra ct_id,11348);

The problem I have is the contract_id variable above being an output parameter not an input parameter. Toad can deal with this by making the contact_id value a variable of the correct type (integer). i.e.

function.create_contact('EWAR',621,19466,90,:contr act_id,11348);

and then assigning :contract_id a NULL value.

This doesn't work in Loadrunner however, i get an LRDE2002 error when running the statement.

Does anyone know how to make lrd_stmt handle an output variable so I can run the above function?