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    Role of Load Runner

    Hi, I am doing a performance testing of one of the application which is completely a backend application in J2EE. There are three systems A, B and C. System A picks data from different database and dumps it into system B's database. System B will pick that data processes it and sends back to system C. System C will send an confirmation about the receipt of data back to system B and then to system A. There is no GUI and no webservice calls to. The response is sent through HTTP from system B to system A. There is HTTPS between system B and system C. What will be the role of load runner in this. If I can use load runner, how can I do that. How to write the script fo this.

    Appreciate your help on this as I am doing fire fighting becasue of tight schedule.


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    Re: Role of Load Runner

    LoadRunner is a performance test tool geared toward - in general:
    1) Simulating user loading, et al
    2) Measurement of transactions
    3) Analyses and reporting.

    Please post LoadRunner questions in the LoadRunner forum.

    Be sure to read (a must read) the post at the very top of the forum for newbies.


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