Dear friends the following is the procedure given
for correlation using snapshots in the "loadrunner
creating Vuser scripts" pdf.

Snapshot files are stored under the script directory with an .inf extension.
Snapshots created during recording are stored in the Vuser script’s data
folder. The replay snapshots are located in the script’s Iteration folders:
Iteration1, Iteration2, and so forth for each set of results. By default, VuGen
compares the recording snapshot to the first replay snapshot. You may,
however, choose a different snapshot for comparison.
source: page no: 610 of 1060 LR 7.8 version
creating vuser script pdf

my question is if my script is going to fail when
i going to play it back and if it contains dynamic
values in the home page itself my captured script
would not work it fails in the first request itself, so how do i get the snapshot which is supposed to be in the first iteration folder to be compared with the snapshots which are captured and stored when i capture the script for the first time. this whole concept of snapshot correlation and the method to perform it seems to be paradoxical to me, can anyone understand my
problem and give me a right advice, i would be
greatful to you and i hope this question will be
useful to many members like me.