I'm doing some research into why some of my load generators aren't connecting automatically when I start execution of a session.

I am using multiple injectors to generate my load for my testing and I have a generator that is being used for monitoring over a firewall.

All of my injector generators will connect automatically when a test starts up, however the Monitor over firewall server isn't connecting automatically. It will connect when I choose to manually click the Connect button though.

My biggest concern is that sometimes we set a test to start at a certain time, connect to the generators and leave for the day. There is no guarantee that the Monitor over firewall server will remain connected (sometimes get errors that cause disconnects prior to a test) and won't have any stats for the webservers in the morning after the test. I'm trying to ensure that if there is a problem prior to a test starting that causes the disconnection, then it will automatically reconnect when the test begins.

Has anyone ever experienced this? I can't find anything in the documentation on why this would happen.

BTW, I'm using Protune right now, but am also evaluating Load Runner 8.0. If this doesn't happen in LR 8.0, then that is a plus for upgrading, and I will add that to my recommendation for speeding up the deployment.

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I almost forgot, the injectors and Monitor Over Firewall servers are all windows machines.
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Thanks in advance for your help with this.