I am trying to connect host on the same network by adding either IP address or machine name. My LR agent and Controller are on WIndows XP, SP2 each on sepearte amchine.I tried to ping from both machines and it is working. I have put fire wall off, hyperthreading off. But still I am not able to connect the agent.Scripts are placed on a third machine in shared folder and both machine can have permission to access.While connecting it gives error as under:
"28/04/2005 16:14:30 Error: Installation of additional environments required. Failed to read registry
key:"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mercury Interactive\LoadRunner\CurrentVersion\RuntimeEnvir onment". [MsgId: MERR-29970]
28/04/2005 16:14:30 Error: Process "lr_bridge.exe" was not created. Reason: error in parsing command line into file. [MsgId: MERR-29996]"
In addition, I have checked that version on both machines are same and agent is running.
I am not getting with the error"Installation of additional env. is required."
If you can guide me to resolve the issue?