Hi all

I am using loadrunner for the performance testing of a client-server application. The problem I am facing is that every time I run the script, I get the following error in the recording log:

user_init.c(38): lrs_receive(socket1, buf9)
user_init.c(38): Mismatch (expected 336 bytes, 24 bytes actually received)
user_init.c(40): lrs_send(socket1, buf10)
user_init.c(42): lrs_receive(socket1, buf11)
user_init.c(42): Error : socket1 - Software caused connection abort. Error code : 10053.

I have identified the problem due to dnamic ports as everytime I record, the port (4682) in the
lrs_create_socket keeps varying"socket1", "TCP", "LocalHost=0", "RemoteHost=:4682", LrsLastArg);

I have tried using Lrs_save_searched_string but to no avail.Most probably I need to capture the port value before I can connect to it. Could anyone please suggest a solution?

Thanks a lot.

Mani Sankar