I'm trying to load test a distributed system, Java app to WebLogic app server. I recorded the business process just fine and it works every time I try to run it in VuGen, but when I try to run more than one user at a time in the controller I have "Software caused connection abort: Error code 10053" errors killing all but the last Vuser.
It seems like the first Vuser runs fine until the second Vuser connects... then the first Vusers dies out while the second Vuser continues .. until the third user connects, and so on.
I've correlated all the things I can actually decipher and I seem to be running out of ideas. I can't parameterize the remote host's port b/c it seems to be hard coded to one port number, I initially thought that was the problem but it shouldn't be, as I'm told by the developer. I also tried to parameterized my sockets, but no luck.

can LRunner send out to one port with several Vuser simultaneously? why would the server sever the socket's connection?
(i.e. please help??)

Thanks in advance

Loadrunner v. 7.8