Hi All,

I need to do some load testing with RMI-java script in loadrunner. I'm quite new in this area so I would really be thankful if someone could provide some help... The application has a java client talking with a java server with RMI to get service, but it also gets live update from the server via a JMS channel. When the JMS is disabled, I'm able to record the RMI-java script and test it in controller. When JMS is enabled, I'm not even able to record the script. I have two issues:

1. right after the client is started by Vuser generator, it fails with an error:
ProtocolSupport.invoke_general_method: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: org.code
haus.activemq.ActiveMQConnection.getNextConsumerNu mber()

I studied the class and found getNextConsumerNumber() is a protected method of class org.code
haus.activemq.ActiveMQConnection, which is already in the classpath of the script...

So my question is how to deal with this? when recording the script I have included all classpath used by the java client, but still it does not work.

2. even before this error occurs, the script records the following lines for connection creation:
// _connection = ((org.codehaus.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory) <undefined&gt.createConnection();

please note the first line is actually just a comment, thus second line would fail with NullPointerException when it runs.

Why does it generate script in this incorrect way? Is it because I set some record option wrong? Or it is supposed to generate this and I have to manually fix it myself.

I would really, really appreciate your help.