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    Loadrunner script problem

    I'm new using Loadrunner and having the following problem:

    Recorded successfully a Vuser script that routes items selected on one screen to the selected work item folder. Then recorded the steps to view the item that was routed to the new folder without any problem.

    Here is the problem:

    Everytime when I re-run the scripts the routing step works but when trying to view the new created item we get an error saying "The work item is being currently worked by someone else or has been deleted"

    Looking at the view source code we see a 33 bytes long unique address that is being generated every time we run the scripts and is causing the error to be displayed.

    Do anyone have any suggestions!! on how to fix my problem, we tried correlations and also ".*"

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    Re: Loadrunner script problem

    LR Documentation, see Correlation
    James Pulley

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    Re: Loadrunner script problem

    ... and get training.

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    Re: Loadrunner script problem

    Zeus, at the risk of repeating something that has been said lucidly and politely by others ----

    LoadRunner is NOT a tool you sit down and play with until you figure it out.

    You can do that with a cassette player, but not an X-Ray machine. Likewise, you can do that with Microsoft Word, but not with LoadRunner.

    You DO need training nad mentoring.



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