We are testing webapps with LR in following testing setup

1) Application under test (AUT) in Far East
2) Multiple LR in Far East in same network as of AUT
3) Controller in Asia in different network
4) Controller & LR connected through VPN
5) Using online monitors for Windows resources & SQL server

Test is getting executed properly & able to get all the results, but have following questions

1 Is Response time of transaction & other performance counter of default monitors between load generator & AUT? If yes then when results are displayed on controller through VPN what about time lost or packet lost in transit of data on VPN to controller & effect of same on the results
2 If all results are displayed on controller & stored in results directory on controller, what is transfer when it collate the results at the end of the test?
3 Use of online monitors have direct connectivity between controller & server under monitor (Unlike default monitor like web resources etc, where it is between Load generator & AUT) in such case what is effect on results (delay & loss of packet) as data of online monitors are transferred on VPN to controller, & how such data are time synchronized with other data (say of default monitor, which is transferred by Load generator to controller)

Thanks is advance