We would like to test our application developed using Java & JSP. the application is running under JRun 3.1. (Database is Oracle) We are able to access the application perfectly from IE 5.5 & above.

I am trying to test the application using LoadRunner 7.51, I am getting problem while recording the script with Virtual User Generator. I will try to explain what I have done in the LoadRunner:
1. I have chosen New Virtual User
2. I selected Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol
3. Selected 'Start Recording Application' option
4. In the 'Start Recording' Screen, I have provided our URL and clicked OK
[The options set in 'Start Recording' screen are as follows:
Recording Option:
Recording Level - HTML-based script
Recording Proxy:
No proxy option selected
and all other options are set to default]

I am able to access the Login Page (this is the first page to be accessed) and I provided login & pwd clicked on Login button.

Now the problem is in the next screen (this is Home screen), this screen has got some gif images (the gif images are stored in a subfolder under the application folder - all images are accessed using relative path).. the text matter in the Home Page is loading properly but the images are not loading it is keep on trying to get the first image (a gif image), that's all I am unable to go further. After some time I have chosen 'end vuser' node in the Virtual User Screen (earlier 'Action1' node was selected) at this time all images got loaded (except one or two - these images are not always the same). but after this it is giving some vague JavaScript errors and application is not working at all.

Can any one help me in this regard?

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