I am challenged with doing some testing on a data warehousing project where the initial stage is simply moving data from an ERP database to a staging database (different instances, different locations).

I have read through the documentation and through forums and haven't seen any mention of whether or not I can create a connection to my source database, run a query and at the same time open a connection to my target database, run a select statement against the source, turn around and insert the returned data in the target (plus a couple of date stamps). Is this possible in LR 7.8 or 8.0? I assume it is not a problem having multiple connections, but am not 100% sure.

The tool for ETL (extraction/transformation/loading) that they use is DataStage, so I should have no problem recording the scripts if it is indeed possible (handling variables may be another issue, hehe).

If you have any input on this, I very much welcome it.