Mercury VU Generator: build 1471
Protocol: Citrix_ICA
Citrix version: 7.100.20916

I need to know when a process has finished (displaying an MI report) which may take 1 second or one hour (no way to tell in advance) and there is nothing that I can reliably synchronise on. There is no message box, status bar message or anything else to indicate when the report is ready to view except for the cursor. When it is processing, it is an hourglass. So is there a way to determine when it changes back to the default icon (in VB speak, know when Screen.MousePointer = vbNormal as opposed to vbHourGlass)?

I've checked in this forum, Mercury's forums, the help file (which mentions something tantalisingly close called TE_WAIT_CURSOR but this doesn't apply, I think, to CITRIX_ICA) and BOL. None of these sources answer this question so I need your help.