I am trying something different for VTS2. I created a script which has to open vtconsole.exe in my colleagues PC and then it has to write a row into VTS. but when I execute the script from my PC the vtconsole.exe is displaying on my PC instead of on my colleagues PC and nothing is written into VTS. richardpc is my colleagues computer name and VTS is installed in his PC.
The code goes like this..

#include "as_web.h"
#include "vts2.h"

int rc=0;
PVCI pvci=0;

rc=system ("start \\\\richardpc\\VTS2\\bin\\vtconsole.exe -port 8888 -launch");



rc=lrvtc_send_row1("Col1;Col2;Col3;Col4;Col5","One ;Two;Three;Four;Five",";",VTSEND_SAME_ROW);
lr_output_message("The Value of Send Row is %d",rc);


return 0;

Me and my colleague are connected to the same domain but it is not writing. Is there any way that I can invoke vtconsole.exe in my colleague's pc programmatically from my pc so that the insertion can be done.

I Came to know that "You just need to make sure the pc calling the VTS has all the necessary rights to access the pc with VTS on it".

If the above statement is correct then what are all the necessary rights the oth pc's should have.

Waiting for the replies.