Hi all,
I am enabling WAN emulation for one of my load generator in a scenario. The settings I used for the Load genearator are Latency-330 ms and MTU (Bytes)-1024Bytes and all other WAN settings are kept at their deafult values.
When I run this scenario most of the transactions fail due to timeout errors but the same scenario without any WAN emulation passes all transactions. Can anyone explain about this or how should I avoid this.
I basically understood like latency is experianced at both ways i.e. while sending request to server and also while recieving server .Since the server response would be huge volume of data the Latency will have more impact on it thus we will experiance more delay and hence higher transaction response times.
But for my case most of the transactions fail and for the passed ones the transaction response time is pretty high. In my case without WAN emulation all transactions averaged under 2.5 seconds but with WAN emulation (with settings I mentioned above) the transaction response times are averaging as high AS 60 SECONDS.