Hi All

i faced the problem for my application have lot of screens to be tested, once i record the script after that i excute the same. The all screens are not upload are not i don't know. I gave parameter
to my file names. how to check the web_url is working fine or not. The following condition is check in my script.
if (strcmp(lr_eval_string("{SaveCtrl}"), "0") == 0)
lr_end_transaction("6.ORD CONFIRM CLICK", LR_FAIL);
lr_error_message("FSHMGR.ASP4 - Order Confirm Click is not Done Properly %s",lr_eval_string("{OrderNumber}") );
//return 0;
// lr_output_message("{SaveCtrl} found");
lr_output_message("FSHMGR.ASP4 - Order Confirm Click is Done Properly %s",lr_eval_string("{OrderNumber}") );
lr_end_transaction("6.ORD CONFIRM CLICK", LR_PASS);
return 0;

please advice me.