I am trying to compile a COM/DCOM Vuser script and it is throwing errors at me left and right. This is directly after recording and I have not made any manual changes to the script. During record up to 67,000 events are recorded on a rather *simple* transaction (makes for a huge script).

This is the type of error I get:

vuser_init.c (3810): undeclared identifier `error'
vuser_init.c (3810): type error in argument 1 to `lrc_IDispatch_QueryInterface'; found `int' expected `pointer to struct interface_IDispatch'

For a function that is recorded like this:


GUID riid = IID__Recordset;
lrc_IDispatch_QueryInterface(error! not found pid: 2360 interface pointer address: 02BD13E0, &riid, (void**)&_Recordset_11, CHECK_HRES);

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,