the application is C/S,I record it with Winsocket scripts. It can be runned successfully with no parameters,but after set parameters,
I met two questions :
1.In the receive buffer,right click ,you can see "create parameters" ,but it's not In the send buffer do the same operation. what differet are there between "insert new parameter" and "create parameter"?
2.In the send buffter,I choose "insert--->new parameter" to set params for users. (and the system will recieve roles according with the user).Run the script,there is an Error-" Software caused connection abort. Error code : 10053" ,double click it,it point to the recieve buf.How to cotrol the role to change with the user? Can I create parameters ?
(If I discribed them not very clearly ,please let me know.)
Thank you!!!!Thank you!!