I have an application in which when i select the country name from the drop box, the page refreshes to display the corresponding states.For eg if I select US the page refreshes to display all the states in the next drop box.and similarly when i select the state the page automatically refreshes to select the areas in that state.And also there is a dropbox in which i select the source of the advertisement.for eg If I select Internet ,the page refreshes to display the corresponding websites in the next drop box.
I recorded on this application and when ran the application I am able to see the country,state and area but not the source of the ad or website.And also after this page it is not displaying the next page.basically apart from this info I am not able get any other data that I entered in the next pages.There are some more pages of data that I recorded after this page.
And whenever the page is getting refreshed web_submit_data is created.Is it anything to do with correlation.can anyone suggest any solution to this.