COM Vsuer
I am kind of new to the area of using LoadRunner with VB/COM .
I have a question about the COM vuser. We have the following architecture.

The application is developed in VB6. The client has the forms as well as some COM components.
Then we have the COM DB which communicates with the SQL server DB

Question: When we record and playback the COM Vuser script, does it emulate the client side (forms + COM components) putting load on the COM DB getting responses back from the DB
(which would mean that the COM components on the client are not stress tested)


Does it emulate the form requests and stress tests the COM components on the client sending requests to the COM DB to the SQL Database and back.
(which would mean that both the client side COM components and the COM DB responses are being tested as part of the stress test.

Our two choices are either use the custom VB user in which we would create some sort of a code to drive the application which would interact with the forms,

OR use COM Vuser to test both client side and server side COM components (if it can actually be done)

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.