When doing the script generation for Citrix you get wait times added, but none of the synchronization functions get put in place - that's all manual addition.
Does adding in all the recognition code add anything to the citrix vuser footprint/go beyond the rough estimate of 8mb per vuser?

[I've been told it won't, objects used in recognition code already instantiated anyways]

I've been told there's an additional Citrix agent that can be added, which aids in using/implementing the scripting/Vusers.
I don't have anything concrete on what this actually would do for us/what exactly this is - anyone know more on this or use this extra piece.

[should allow to bypass at least some/all of the need to have loops around most/all the recognition code, I'm trying to get ahold of this agent/script examples making use of it]

thanks for any help!

edit - feedback I've gotten via an email added, took out one of the queries

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