My task is to create Loadrunner scripts that will rebuild application server cache. Environment is production, application is Peoplesoft Financials 8.4, Unix app servers.
Once the Tuxedo cache is deleted manually, these scripts that simulate users browsing various Psoft pages will run & build it again. The goal is to provide small respone times for users who will access this system.
Got few questions:
1) What should the scripts do - as in what Psoft modules should they touch (we have GL, AP, AM, AR,Customers, BI, etc. all major modules), Should They only do Search or Update also?

2) How much cache should be build to achieve our goal & how do we measure cache (in otehrr words, validate that scripts do achieve required goals)?

3) What's the best mode to run them - online / offline (i.e. peak / off-peak times), also, what's the ideal pacing / think time & any other runtime settings?
If I rephrase this question, should the scripts run fast, & complete quickly, OR, run slow so that online real system users r not affected but take londer to build cache?