Mercury just sent me LoadRunner 7.8 to replace our existing licenses for Astra Load Test 5.4.3. In preparation to install Loadrunner for the first time, I went to the Mercury website to download all the patches for LR 7.8. I noticed that Feature Pack 1 was available for download. I have no idea if I need to install FP1 or not.

My organization is responsible for developing a no-frills Cold Fusion application for the government. We use Oracle 9i for the database. Windows 2000 is the OS used for both development workstations and end-user workstations.

FP1 has the following new solutions and enhancements:

-SAPGUI enhancements
-Web Services Protocol
-Citrix Protocol
-Peoplesoft Web Protocol
-PeopleSoft Monitor
-.NET Monitor
-COM+ Monitor
-J2EE Diagnostics
-Windows 2003 Support
-VuGen GDI Fixes
-Correlation Studio Improvements

From the list above, nothing listed looks like it would be required for me to create basic loadtesting scripts. The only possibility is the VuGen GDI fix. I looked in the user's guide and there were several references to VuGen but no specific reference to what GDI stands for or does. The FP1 file is 300+ MB and I don't want to download it if it isn't necessary for me to create basic scripts. So for anyone who knows, what is the VuGen GDI fix and is it worth downloading the entire file just for that one component?