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    Load Runner & Performance testing online exams


    I am a newbie to this forum. Therefore please excuse me if this is a repeating question.

    Can anyone let me know of any "online Skills Evaluation tests" for LoadRunner and Performance Testing concepts, like the one that BrainBench has for WinRunner.
    Currently BrainBench doesn't have a similar test for LoadRunner.


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    Re: Load Runner & Performance testing online exams

    I am looking for the same info???

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    Re: Load Runner & Performance testing online exams

    There is a reason why no online tests are currently offered for certification. Look at the example of what happened with the CPS credentialling exams for Mercury. These take home tests eventually had their questions and answered circulated around the world, thereby diminishing the value of the credential and eventually resulting in Mercury invalidating everyones credential and having everyone have to retake the test in person at a Mercury facility.

    Why invest the time and resources to build a certification exam when your target community/audience has demonstrated a willingness to diminish the value of the result? "Oh sure, you passed, but all the questions and answers can be download from http://blahblahblah..../LoadRunnerQuestions/ . I have my certificate on the wall too, see..."

    I even go to the trouble to make sure my interview questions are not posted anywhere on the net before I use with a candidate for a LoadRunner position.
    James Pulley

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    Re: Load Runner & Performance testing online exams

    Well, he/she is not actually stating that the test would lead to certification (and I didn't read it that way).

    I suppose as a tool for self-evaluation it could be useful (in general). But I'm not sure who would be motivated to put something like that together for LR (it would have to be pretty broad in scope), probably without expecting any compensation.



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