Dear Forum Members , I am facing this problem in understanding the basics of LoadRunner , I must have read the Documentation 101 times , but still its not helping me , I hope your explanation does , 'cos if one has worked with a tool he can explain things better than those who write documentation!!So here is the question :

1. In my Web_URL(...) function , if I am setting the Resource=1 , the URL will be downloaded only if 'Download non HTML resources' option is checked elsewhere.

Q . So here does it mean , it will be processed from the server but will not be downloaded????

2. While working with my application , I got an error , saying : Steps Represents Navigation to a resource so that's why it could not be performed.

Q. So any way out of this? The reason being , while processing the application , a new browser opens with a report embedded in it.So Possibly this is not tracked by LoadRunner.
I wanted to try correlation for this, 'cos as per Documentation , it looked like the solution but I am confused as to how to specify the parameter , 'cos in this case it has to be URL of the newly opened browser with the PDF report which is again very value specific.

I am really awaiting reponse !!! Need of it too..