I have a little trouble as how lrs_save_param_ex works. According to the definition, it says "Saves data from a static, received, or user buffer to a parameter." So I assumed this works like a web_reg_param for web performance testing.

What I wanted to do was save the data that are returning from lrs_send and then put it into the lrs_receive. Is this even possible? Here's what I have:

lrs_save_param_ex ( "socket0", "user", "buf2", 0, 100, "ascii" , "param1" );
lrs_send("socket0", "buf2", LrsLastArg);
lr_output_message ("param1: %s", lr_eval_string("{param1}"));

lrs_receive("socket0", "buf3", LrsLastArg);

Buf2 is looking like this:
send buf2 18
"logon lwdev.oper,\r"

After that command is executed, I will receive some data back which I want to put into my lrs_receive. Can someone help me?

-THANKS A BUNCH! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]