Hi all,
We generated loadrunner scripts in VS.net with loadrunenr support.
the scripts run fine on the controller box.

Now we're trying to set up the remote generation agents.
The Loadruner .net KB said to copy vsnetext.dll to the loadrunner/bin, copy your entire script and dlls to the remote machine and use regasm to register your dll on the remote box. We did all this but are getting the following error.

Just wondering if anyone else has tested .net with remote load generation agents before?
Any ideas how to fix our this issue? Mercury support uk are trying to get the answer but they're still searching for it.

Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Error -17999
ERROR! Failed to create an instance for PerfScriptNTAS.VuserClass (hrc = 0x80040154).Possible Reasons:
a) Virtual User has not been compiled or built, please compile virtual user project.
b) Virtual User component is not built with COM Interoperability, please enable interoperability.