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    LRVUG: Cannot open LRP file for type \'VbNet\' ?

    Hi Folks,
    Just wondering if anyone can help us on this one.
    We developed a script for a VB.net using the Loadrunner VB.net Visual Studion Add-In
    We compiled the DLL.

    LR Documentation for running compiled DLLs
    The LR documentation says to add the script to the controller and then click details on the script. It then tells you to click files and add your compiled dll so it is sent to the remote agent aswell

    The problem we are having it that when we go to files to add the file, loadrunner complains :

    Error -(81049): LRVUG: Cannot open LRP file for type 'VbNet'

    Has anyone any idea on this ?

    Do you to run this scenario from the MS Visual Studio .net LR Add-in Controller or should the script and dll be able to run on a seperate Controller with no MS Visual Studio with no Loadrunner VB.Net Add-in?

    Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated,

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    Re: LRVUG: Cannot open LRP file for type \'VbNet\' ?

    Two seperate machines for the development environment with the Visual Studio addin and the controller/Generator?

    My best guess is that the template type for the .Net virtual user type is missing from your controller/generator environment. Check the instructions for the .NET addin to see if you need to add the virtual user type to the controller and/or generator.

    For reference, take a look at your <loadrunner home directory>\dat\protocols directory on both your virtual user development box and the controller & generator boxes. My suspician is that you are missing the .LRP entry and the associated support files.
    James Pulley

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    Re: LRVUG: Cannot open LRP file for type \'VbNet\' ?

    Hi James,
    Thanks, I see the VbNet.lrp in the dat directory of the loadrunner add-in on the visual studio box. There's also a VsNetExt.dll dll in the bin directory on that box and a vugen.dat file which lists the [VuserTypes] with a VbNet=GeneralTemplate.

    The VbNet.lrp has two entries where Hidden is set under protocol and Template. I wonder if i caopy these ove do i have to change the hidden fields ?

    Any idea when of the steps when adding a new lrp, it's bins and its config files ?

    There's no info in the loadrunner add in on how to set up a seperate controller.


    CommonName=VB.NET Template
    Description=Microsoft Visual Basic.NET Virtual User Template



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    Re: LRVUG: Cannot open LRP file for type \'VbNet\' ?

    My guess is that a installation of some sort is going to be required on the controller and generator/injector boxes. Refer to your instructions for the .Net VS Addin for information on modifying the controller and injector boxes. It could be something as simple as running setup to apply the settings. I might even try running setup on the adin just to see if it addresses the problem

    I have worked with the template files many times. It is kind of a "dark art" on putting these things together and getting them to work as expected, since there is very little documentation and most of what you do is by inference and trial and error. Unless I knew the eact entries, I would be loathe to advise you on the manual "munging" of some .lrp files. Also, you will likely have to register some .dll's for support of the .net virtual user type. Somewhat ironic, since .net is supposed to address the whole idea of having to register dlls in the first place.

    Barring clear, consise information on the controller and generator setups I would give Mercury a call on this one. After all, this is why you pay for support, for those times when the solution is really foggy and not forthcoming.


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    James Pulley

    Replace ineffective offshore contracts, LoadRunnerByTheHour. Starting @ $19.95/hr USD.

    Put us to the test, skilled expertise is less expensive than you might imagine.

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