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    Using space in \'File\' type of parameters;

    I'm using LoadRunner 7.02. Can any one of You please tell me how can I use the 'File' Parameter in which one of the column will have the value with blank space. My delimiter is comma. It does not work when I give like this :

    Example :

    a2,your name,wa

    In this case, I'm not able to use the second line parameter. Actually my web application is based on the JSP and it'll take these values for searching an object.
    I tried giving like this also, "your+name" but of no avail.

    Can anyone suggest me how to go with ??

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Using space in \'File\' type of parameters;

    Dear Haseeb

    The same problem i faced, solution is given our
    seniors Mr.James Pulley and Rajat Satender

    Check the First Page and Topic Name :
    "It is Possible in Two Column for Parameters"


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    Re: Using space in \'File\' type of parameters;

    Dear Gesh,
    Thanks for your fast reply.
    But my problem is different from the one which You had asked last time. Iam able to access all my parameters of type 'File'.
    It fails if a parameter value has a blank space in it. My above example will provide you the exact situation.




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