I am trying to write an initial LR script to prove that we can stress test an in-house developed directory management tool.

The architecture is client uses browser to connect to a forwarding website hosted on IIS.

IIS is configured to use NTLM and then forward user credentials to a weblogic server that, based on the scope of the connecting user displays a list of organisation units that can be managed.

My problem is that whilst my script can intercept and select different users / objects to modify, the scope of administration is always that of the user who I have logged into the injector as and not for the web_set_user user.

Therefore when running scenario with 10 vusers, each vuser is administering the same group of organisational units/users.

I have tried using web_set_user to pass different user-id and passwords before the initial connect request (using both port 80 and/or additional SSL 443) but whilst web_set_user returns 0 (LR_PASS) the scope of offices returned is still for logged in user.

I have read related topics on web_set_certificate, but I don't see how this could possibly help (don't really understand either).

Has anyone has had a similar scenario/issue that they have managed to resolve? If so, I would really appreciate a guiding point in the right direction.

Many Thanks