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    a problem about socket

    char rc;
    rc = lrs_create_socket ("socket1", "TCP","LocalHost=0", "Backlog=1", LrsLastArg);
    if (rc==0)
    lr_output_message("Socket 1 was successfully create ");
    lr_output_message("Socket 1 was failed create ");

    lrs_accept_connection("socket1", "socket2");
    lrs_receive("socket2", "buf24", LrsLastArg);
    lrs_send("socket2", "buf25", LrsLastArg);
    return 0;
    -----------Execution Log----------------------
    Virtual User Script started
    Starting action vuser_init.
    Ending action vuser_init.
    Running Vuser...
    Starting iteration 1.
    Starting action Action.
    Action.c(9): lrs_create_socket(socket1, TCP, ...)
    Action.c(14): Socket 1 was successfully create
    Action.c(19): lrs_accept_connection(socket1, socket2)
    Action.c(19): Error : Timeout expired while trying to accept connection. Error code : 9017.
    Ending action Action.
    Ending iteration 1.
    Ending Vuser...
    Starting action vuser_end.
    Ending action vuser_end.
    Vuser Terminated.

    why?help me ?

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    Re: a problem about socket


    Basically the error that you are getting is a timeout error which occurred which trying to get connected. When you use winsock protocol you do not have any runtime settings to increase the timout limit and therefore I would suggest you to try using any one of these lrs_set_connect_timeout(), lrs_set_recv_timeout (),lrs_set_accept_timeout(). It should solve your timeout probelm.

    Rajat Satender



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