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    Could not resolve address of host

    Hi all,

    I recorded a simple script in LR VuGen. When I replay the script in there everything works fine.

    After which, I set up a scenario etc in the LR Test Center 7.8. Once I run the script however it fails to execute as it gives a specific error for web_url saying "Cannot resolve address of host".

    A few things that I noted is that, the address of the host is specified without the http:// in the error message

    vuser_init.c(12): Error -27798: Could not resolve address of host webmail.vt.edu

    The web_url is recorded as

    In the Specific Script window that I somehow managed to open from LR Test Center, It shows an error at exactly web_url point and

    is highlighted in red followed by the rest of the above code..

    Please do let me know what is going on and am i making a very obvious mistake.

    Thanks for your help!!

    BTW, I'll need more of it.

    Thanks once again,

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    Re: Could not resolve address of host

    Do you have access to Mercury's Knowledge Base?
    If so, search on "Could not resolve address of host". We ran into something along the same lines a while back. Your generators may be running through a proxy server and need to configured properly.

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    Re: Could not resolve address of host

    Hi dcrume,

    Thanks for both your posts, I'll give it a shot.

    I'm gonna keep you busy [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: Could not resolve address of host

    Cannot resolve Host is a DNS function. Drop to a command prompt on the load generator from which the host is running and attempt to ping the host in question, "webmail.vt.edu." My guess is that you have a name resolution issue outside of LoadRunner that need to be resolve first.
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    Re: Could not resolve address of host


    I did try searching for this error in knowledge base articles however could not find nothing..

    So I guess the ping option is my best bet..

    I'll keep posting it here,


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    Re: Could not resolve address of host

    Hmm, sorry about that.

    Try searching in KB on this product ID.
    Product ID: 23031

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    Re: Could not resolve address of host


    it was a configuration issue, I contacted the person in charge of setting up the Test Center and he told me that he has not enabled DNS resolution in the Test Center. Also saying that it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use IP address.

    anyways, I guess that's how it is solved now,


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    Re: Could not resolve address of host

    Yes, I highly agree using the IP address if possible. Unless your local DNS server is within the scope of your testing initiative, there is no reason to place it under load. You can affect others that are using it for their normal day-to-day operations and it can affect your tests when you start to get failed name resolutions when the DNS server is overloaded. You can also register the hostname and IP address within the Host file on your LoadGenerators. This will also prevent any DNS lookups.
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