Morning All,

An associate of mine has presented me with an Oracle 6i Client issue and I have no answer, as I have not worked with Oracle Forms, so I thought I would let you all in on the fun.

The Issue.

The application area has completing a conversion from Oracle Forms 4.5 to Oracle Forms 6i Client/server. One implication of this conversion is that some code, including triggers and stored procedures, was migrated from the client, where it previously resided under version 4.5, to the database.

There are indications that the conversion may be creating an increase in network chatter and degradation of performance in some cases.

The Oracle Forms conversion - with its corresponding code migration and design changes - will theoretically yield improvements over past system performance.

The current need
The application went into production in May and there is now interest in application performance monitoring.

We have Topaz.

Can we successfully script an Oracle Forms 6i client application?

Note that the Mercury support base seems to have purged information regarding this topic that was available back in April 2003.

Some History

We were approached to performance test this Oracle Forms 6i client application.
When researching whether LoadRunner supported this version of Oracle Forms it became apparent that there were issues with the playback of the script.

A Mercury SE said that we needed to customize the script as documented in a 7 page work-around, but would like to know if a better, less time consuming, way exists.

Anyway, this document seems to no longer be on the Mercury's support base.

My memory says that when script capture takes place that not all the calls to the stored procedures and maybe triggers were resolved making the playback error out.

The work-around made you do some kind of special parameterizations to determine what the Oracle code was looking for being values it was expecting to receive. May even have been some sql required to get these values.

Bottom line was that we never did this test because we couldn't quantify how long this scripting approach would take and to what degree it would have been successful.

Are there any possible solutions out there, for getting Topaz to record and playback on an Oracle 6i client?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Mike Kalinowski, QA Performance Testing