I'm having a strange issue, and I'm not really sure where to begin debuggin it.

I'm testing a ASP application where users login, search, and open a solution. Almost every 'page' is composed of a number of ASP files that all need to load in order for the page to display correctly (from the user's perspective). Of course the VUGen 'pseudo-browser' always tries to display each ASP file separately as it loads, which causes the display to usually be boggled during playback. So far, this is all fine.

The problem I am having is that while loading one of the specific ASP pages, the pseudo-browser always displays error text that has come directly from the App Server (which the ASP Web Server talks to). However, the error text does not seem to come through the HTTP stream at all. How can this be?

My entire script is written using the URL method, and I've turned on all possible logs and searched the stream for the entire script many times without finding the text that is getting displayed. I spoke with some of our server devs and they all say the error is one that should never occur. It is an assertion error that is in code that never even gets used any more. It's only there for backward compatibility for old versions.

Any suggestions for how I can go about getting more info about this? I hope my explanation is clear.