I'm trying to record and run LoadRunner (v 7)script for Self Served Web Application (SSWA) provided by CRM.

I did manage to record the script but when I try to play it back, the following error is encountered:
-32999 : vuser_init.c(19): Error: Invalid scheme (not "http:" / "https:") in URL="javascript:top.blankframe()"

The Security Level of browser is set to Low for Intranet and Internet both.

Web link accessed is
"Name=i_1", "Value=user1", ENDITEM,
"Name=i_2", "Value=smart1", ENDITEM,
"Name=rmode", "Value=2", ENDITEM,
"Name=home_url", "Value=http://crbdev3.crb.internal:8310/OA_HTML/US/ICXINDEX.htm", ENDITEM,
Can some one help me out please?


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