i have recorded a script for an asp.net web application .iam facing a problem in paramaterizing the dynamic value Viewstate i have used web_reg_save_param but iam not able to solve it.

i want to capture viewstate value as given in the following code .

"Name=__VIEWSTATE", "Value=dDw0MjIxNDg1Mjk7dDw7bDxpPDA+Oz47bDx0PDtsPGk 8MT47PjtsPHQ8cDxsPGlubmVyaHRtbDs+O2w8VGh1IDIwIEZlY iAyMDAzOz4+Ozs+Oz4+Oz4+Oz6zEu16z1rC9FVSv1qnBIQy+iT R4w==", ENDITEM,

web_reg_save_param("VIEWSTATE", "NotFound=Error", "Search=ALL","LB=NAME=__VIEWSTATE Value","RB=",LAST);
lr_output_message("%s",lr_eval_string("{VIEWSTATE} "));

when the script is executed its say the web_reg_save_param is successful but ouput msg retruns the variable {VIEWSTATE} and not the value of it.

The following error is thrown "No match found for the requested parameter "VIEWSTATE". If the data you want to save exceeds 81200000 bytes, use web_set_max_html_param_len to increase the parameter size "

am i doing something wrong here .i would appereciate if someone could help me out.

thanx in advance