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    Simulating a Browse button

    Hello, Currently I'm recording a LR test for an internal web app (uses some javascript). I'm hung up on one of the features which allows a user to upload a document to the server via a "browse" button.
    LR seems to record the action correctly and even generates a .h file containing all the information in the file which i'm trying to upload. However upon playback LR dows not upload the file. I have tried to record this in both HTML and URL modes (just in case this would have made a difference) but I get the same results. Has anyone come across this as an issue and if so is their a resolution?

    P.S. I'm trying to aviod just FTP'ing the file over to the server as this would not change the state of the app. Thanks.


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    Re: Simulating a Browse button

    Try the following in the Controller:

    * In the Design window, select the group, then click the Details button.
    * Click More.
    * Select the Files tab.
    * Add your file/s to the list. Make sure your script uses relative paths (no "C:\foo").

    Kevin Quinn


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    Re: Simulating a Browse button

    Thank you for the response. It seems that my trouble may be in the Vuser generator as playback does not work in the Vuser generator. One other note is that it seems like it (LR) extracts the information contained in the .xls and writes this to a file it named "lr_custom_body.h". This seems bizzare. Could the issue really be how the browse button is implemeted on the web page? Regards, John Costa




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