I'm recording a VuGen script from a Web application that submits hidden fields. I have the following problem. If I set the record mode to HTML-based then record, I get web_submit_forms recorded (context sensitive). On examination of the script the web_submit_forms omit the hidden fields.

According to the LoadRunner function help, hidden fields CAN be specified in a web_submit_form request. My questions are:

a) Why doesn't VuGen pickup the hidden fields and include them in the web_submit_form when running in HTML based mode?

b) Why doesn't VuGen in HTML mode, automatically generate a web_submit_data request if it can't handle hiddens in a web_submit_form request. (Is there a setting or settings that would do this?)

c) Is there anything else besides hidden fields that would cause VuGen in HTML based mode to generate web_submit_data requests instead of web_submit_form?

Of course the problem goes away if you record in URL-based mode instead of HTML based mode....