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    Hi all,

    I am new to loadrunner. i have been working on winrunner for a year or so.
    is loadrunner simillar to winrunner?
    i know that its being used for performance testing.in includes stress and load on the server. but need some technical knowledge about loadrunner windows and its working.how to start. do you write scripts in loadrunner as well and whats the language you use. please give me some details about it
    i will appreciate your help.



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    Re: loadrunner


    Thanks somebody initiated this, I am in the same boat. I have worked on winrunner and wish to learn LoadRunner. I saw the PDF files (controller's users guide, Vuser's guide, Analyzers's guide)but they are very huge and I didnt find them good for starter. Can anyone please suggest us some different document or tutotial.


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    Re: loadrunner


    There are differences between the 2 products, since each product aims to different porpose.

    In both applications you can you programing, but since LoadRunner approche the application to a more scalable solution, it requires from the users to have a better understanding of the application in order to achive a better results in the load test.

    LoadRunner comes with books that teach you how to do everything step by step, with sample application for different protocols (this is how I learned my way there).



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    Re: loadrunner

    hi! there
    LR is similar to WR in the sense that both are record and playback tool...in both u record ur script ,,do some enhancements depending upon ur reqmts and then play back to emulate users.LR test the load bearing capacity of the server...in this LR generates the script in C Language and u can add ur own C functions to enhance ur scripts..and regarding the study material..only that material that is available with Lr installation is available for reading..i know its very bulky but u don't have to read it all...like there are many protocols in which u can so scripting...but study only those which are relevant to ur application...ofcourse u need to have that BASIC understanding of the LR and Basic Lr Functions...
    hope this helps



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