Hi all,

I am planning to run performance testing using LoadRunner. I have too many scenarios to run with in a short span of time.So I want to combine 2 sceanrios each at each run and at the same time I also want to generate individual graphs and reports for each scenario.

The sample scenario is as follows.
1)I want to run a performance test with a bandwidth of 384 Kbps with 10 ms latency

2) I want to run a performance test with a bandwidth of 384 Kbps with 1%packet loss.

Actually I should have run these scenarios seperately so that I can generate graphs and reports of respective scenarios.

But due to the time constraints, I want to combine these two tests into one scenario. I will be using different load generators for each , and give a different scenario group name.

My question here is, is it a right way to do it? By giving different load generators and different scenario group names, can I be able to generate reports and in which I can distinguish between the transactions in Latency Scenario and Packet loss scenario.

I want you to note that, as its the same script which is being used in both the Scenario groups , the transacation names will be same. Thats the reason I want a way to distinguish which transaction response time belongs to which Scenario groups.

I hope I am clear in expressing my concern.

I appreciate your valuable informations and suggestions.